Double Diesel

Double Diesel comes under the best tasty weed category. It is Sativa dominant cannabis that makes the users feel happy, creative and relaxed. Double Diesel is the cross of Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. It acts faster than the NYC Diesel.  It is best to preserve this strain in jar, which while opening the lid itself the aroma of this strain would quickly win the senses.

Double Diesel reflects the aroma of ripe red grape fruits with musky citrus taste. It has an equal 50-50 composition of Sativa and Indica. It is highly beneficial for the early agonizing stages of cancer and HIV. Double Diesel is best for relaxation, good appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety, ocular attention and mood elevation. As it is not very strong, it can be enjoyed by all patients and even by specialists.

Sativa Citrus Diesel Grapefruit