Danky Doodle

Danky Doodle was first given the name Double D but later due to some name confusions with the Double Dutch, this cannabis strain was renamed as Danky Doodle. Being a strong Indica bud, its effects offer complete body pain relief. It is crossed with a number of strains like Big Buds, Viking and KC 636 and posses a strong sweet smell. Danky Doodle constitutes Sativa of 10% and Indica of 90%. Its buds are delicious and tasty that brings an effective couchlock effect to the smokers.

It is considered the most intensive and powerful strain as the THC in Danky Doodle varies between 15-20%. Danky Doodle has the commendable power to win the mind and heart of the users with its high narcotic effect.

Indica Pungent Skunk Woody