The Chisel seeds were given to the growers in UK, Netherlands, and also in Spain to check out and send a report on. As the seeds grow out, the research for the exclusive Chiesel clone started off. The breeding mission had been to select that one which has the most grapefruit fuel like taste. Thus this Chiesel Kush head been feminized on reversing with itself.

Chiesel Kush is pretty smelly. It brings back the old school type of sublimeness which the Cheese grabs together harmoniously with the grapefruits fuel Kush of Diesel. With the Chiesel Kush, the party does not end – it is the highly energetic pot which has the electrical enlivening feel of it. This Kush can lead to unstoppable giggling with improvisational creativity, also has enough of body balance for bringing out the sensual mood if the party simply is for the two of you.

Hybrid Cheese Diesel Pungent