Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is definitely hard hitting, a high yielding strain from the Bomb Seeds. It is the result of successful crossing of the monster yielding Big Bomb with the unique and a fruity mother indicates that the growers can expect the explosion of flavors as well as maximum yields.

As its name suggests the Cherry Bomb possesses a very sweet and fruity aroma that is matched with its distinct cherry taste. Think of the summer fruits and their classic skunky undertones. Its buzz starts off with the initial high in the head, settling down onto a calming but deep body stone which will not knock one out. It also possesses a heavy structure of the bud thanks to the heritage of Big Bomb, growing to the medium height of about 100 to 120cm. It works equally well as a blunt but smoked through a bong it is a real mind opener – perfect for exercising your inner creative urges.

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08 May 2018

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