Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush is an Indica dominant cross of Los Angeles OG Kush and DNA Genetics LA Confidential strain. A pungent sour fruity aroma arises from these strains while inducing high body buzz and droopy eyes. Cataract Kush is so named for its extreme squint eye effects. These buds are grayish in color, tightly packed with crystals and have about 15 percent THC and high amounts of CBD’s.

The buzz takes over within 10 minutes and induces a sleepy couch lock state. Cataract Kush is not for the light smokers and is recommended to be used during night times only. Cataract Kush is perfect intake for patients suffering from stress and anxiety, body pain, nausea and depression. It is also known to help in alleviating bipolar disorder migraines, Pre Menstrual Symptoms and Attention Deficit Disorders too.

Hybrid Earthy Pungent Skunk