Burmese Kush

Burmese Kush aka BuKu is a quick flowering marijuana plant created by TH Seeds by crossing authentic Burmese Kush with legendary OG Kush from Los Angeles. The buds are dark green with orange hairs and are densely populated. Flowering time is maximum 7-8 weeks and they are generally grown outdoors. Burmese Kush has sweet pine taste with musky and woody aroma.

The effects of Burmese Kush creep in slowly and give a good head buzz. Calming effects along with uplifted mood is one of its prominent effects. The body feels relaxed and one can drift into deep sleep too. Hence, it is recommended to be used during evening or night hours. The effects last up to two hours easily. Burmese Kush medically can be used to soothe body ache, nausea, appetite reprisal, stress and anxiety.

Hybrid Earthy Pine Woody