Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies marijuana strain is the child of iconic Fire OG and tempting Girl Scouts Cookies strains. With more Indica genes, animal cookies are known for their power packed full body buzz. The THC levels of animal cookies range between 20 – 22 percent. The buds grow into thick dense dark green bunches with purple hues and flowering begins within 9-10 weeks. They have distinctive musky sweet and sour aroma while they release a hint of sweet cherry, grape and woody flavor when exhaled.

With the first toke, one can feel the overpowering effects of animal cookies. It will impress the veteran smokers and is not so suitable for beginners. It gives a good body melt and full body effects with light head buzz. Animal Cookies marijuana strains are recommended medically to stimulate appetite, control severe insomnia and chronic body pains.

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08 May 2018

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