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The Marijuana Drug Test Calculator Website Plugin is available for Cannabusiness Deployment - the most effective way to increase your customer base and help us bring an end to cannabis drug test discrimination. Install the plugin anywhere on your website with a few lines of code.

Created with over a decade of research and 5+ years of user submitted data, this is the world's only data-driven answer to some of the most burning questions your customers may ever have: If I need to pass a drug test, what are my odds, how long will it take, and how can I speed up the process to get clean? Thirty days is no longer the general rule of thumb..

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Based on the unique inputs of each user, this application provides the passing probabilities for lab tested urine, home kit tested urine, and the dilution/detox counterparts for both (faint plot lines). Data is also being collected and compiled for blood draw calculations.

As customers sign up through your custom drug test calculator plugin, they'll be introduced to your account on Marijuana Central and receive key highlights about your business - cannabis deals, events, promotions, job openings, doctor visit hours, etc. Additionally, they'll receive information about drug testing and how to help us bring an end to cannabis drug test discrimination (view template).

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If you have a physical storefront, add our QR coded Cashier's Stand (linked to your MJC account through the API plugin) during checkout. Similar print media added to your location significantly increases the engagement of your foot-traffic - a valuable opportunity to build a relationship with your patrons:

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Connect with your customers and take advantage of building out a proprietary customer base user profile. Then use indicators to deliver a tailored message that will increase the engagement of your business asset:

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Drug testing is an issue that needs to be addressed state-by-state, and worldwide. Use our calculator plugin to power your business asset and grow your customer base while helping us bring an end to cannabis drug test discrimination.

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