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Doctors in Florida are Finally Preparing to Prescribe Medical Marijuana

April 15, 2016

By Julia Granowicz  After two years of delays due to court challenges at every single step, a limited numb... (more)

Florida: Medical Marijuana Initiative at War with Drug Free America

May 05, 2016

By Mike Adams  The rematch over the legalizati... (more)

How racism and bias criminalized marijuana

May 04, 2016

By John Hudak Each week, In Theory takes on a big idea in the news and ex... (more)

About that ‘bud summit’ at the White House — pot activists are still waiting

May 03, 2016

By Aaron C. Davis It took a pot-smoking protest outside the White House, but on Monday, ad... (more)


April 30, 2016

BY PAMELA JOHNSTON  Global stakeholders recently gathered at the recen... (more)

The Truth About How Marijuana Affects Male Sexual Performance

October 07, 2015

Photo courtesy of Flickr user caveman_92223... (more)